Abigail Fast How would you improve this? I plan to do some more creative stuff with... (show more)

Amanda Abbott I know nothing about photography. Only that I enjoy it. I do not have a... (show more)

Rafael Rodriguez I’m completely new photography let alone a DSLR. This picture has... (show more)

Anthony Ring Honestly wish I had my 24mm for this, but…. 35mm was wide enough.... (show more)

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David Hill Not so sure of the hand placement pushing the jacket out.......does its make her shape 'less flattering?' Dave 

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CRYSTAL YOUHANA Is there any thing I could have done to add more drama to this picture.

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Kyle Gutschow In my opinion to create more drama you could frame the moon with some foreground object

Greg Tataryn I would like help on how to get the best possible image quality.

Greg Hitchcock Composition and refinement or clarification of the energy this bridal... (show more)