Claude Carpaij Hey guys, this was shot with natural light and a reflector. The... (show more)

Michael Treviño Let me know what you think!

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Mo Holster This is a cute pic!  I do think the blurry object in the top right corner needs to go.  Maybe try to capture more motion in him opening his shirt... (show more)

Генадий Ганчев Critique? Subject separation from the background isn’t so good? I... (show more)

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Christopher Lin as for the composition, maybe back up a little bit or use the rule of thirds composition?  There's not necessarily anything wrong with the "bullseye"... (show more)

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jared campbell Overall… anything. Was up in some vines and model was in a little... (show more)

Jim Taylor Shot this last year during an a electrical lightning storm, quite a bit... (show more)

Zaccaria Orlando I’m interested especially in composition and post-processing... (show more)

Ed Alexander My first wedding and first time using off camera flash. Bare bulb... (show more)

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Mo Holster I feel like the flash could have been toned down a little to avoid such harsh lighting.  Also, I think a different scene would improve the shot since... (show more)

Ed Alexander Luck lucky shot, settings were wrong but took 6 quick shots then she ran... (show more)

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Mo Holster I like this pic, and I realize that you had to be at this angle to get the light and her face, but the background is a bit distracting.  The person and... (show more)

David Ehsan It was a sunny day in a nice park with an authentic Afghan Clothing. I... (show more)

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Mo Holster I feel like her bright splash of clothing is out of place in this quiet green setting.  Maybe find a background that would go with the outfit, like the... (show more)

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Mo Holster To me, her pose and expression look forced.  It would be nice to see a relaxed expression, and maybe don't make her lean at such an angle.  Give... (show more)

Simona Kašparová Hi, I am a makeup artist with passion for a photography. Love shooting... (show more)

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Mo Holster I tink the white line (window pane?) cutting through the middle is quite distracting, and breaks the picture up.  If you had found a window without that... (show more)

Compton Harry This is a image of my 7months old son captured on a sunny day our garden... (show more)

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