Photographing the Milky Way

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Akshay Doorgah Overall feedback!

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Matthew Saville One thing that I did notice is that something is hanging down here, maybe a strand of her hair? It wouldn't be a distraction normally, however it appears to... (show more)

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Kim Williams General Critique

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Matthew Saville Looks nice, very clean with the lighting and I like the gentle, subtle processing. I might brighten the whole thing up a bit, but it's solid! I'm not sure I... (show more)

Kim Williams General critique, Two light set up. one strobe bouncing of the wall in... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Hi Kim, this is a beautiful and elegant shot, thanks for sharing! I do believe that the light is maybe something that could have been accomplished with a... (show more)

Aaron Halemano Constructive Critique first wedding looking to improve.

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Matthew Saville The other thing I notice is that, probably due to the wind, her hair is a bit "flying away" here. I would take the time to ask her to pat down or "fix" her... (show more)

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Omar Nour Would like to get this photo critiqued

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Matthew Saville Hi Omar, thanks for sharing this image with Premium Critiques! The things that stand out to me are her expression and the angle of the shot. She looks... (show more)

Jeff Smith I’d love some overall feedback on this photo. It was my first shot... (show more)

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Jeff Smith Thanks, Alex. I appreciate it. I'll definitely go back and make some changes to the final image. 

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alex kennedy I would like feedback on post processing and composition. Much appreciated!

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