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Joshua McKenna Great lighting and amazing shot!Looks like the pink and blue lights may have clipped, which could explain Jackie's feedback on the harsh rolloff. Not... (show more)

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Matthew Thomas- Wicher I have zero photography experience whatsoever. I like taking night... (show more)

Ryan Hall Some feed back will be much appreciated!

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Matt Koch To begin with there defiantly needs shading on the chin. Which can be done with some editing. And tone down the rest of the face. And maybe show  little... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Hi Moeen, normally I wouldn't point out a single fly-away hair like this since in most cases it's natural, however this shot is clearly a perfectly retouched... (show more)

Umar Junaid How much time do you usually spend on skin retouching?

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Shivani Reddy Stunning portrait - I like how you've left the skin under the eyes a bit more natural so that we still see the wrinkles. I really don't like it when people... (show more)

Rudolf Cagalawan One of the first photos I ever took with my 5D Mark III 2 years ago. Any... (show more)