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Brian Coughlin Tried taking candid shots of Easter egg dying. What are your thoughts,... (show more)

Sophie Shoults I can’t make up my mind on this photo! I’m compelled by the... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Nailed the focus and the moment on this one, very amazing! The exposure is a bit too bright, though...

Nathan Bennett grandma reading to baby Cole

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Matthew Saville The candid moment is great here, nicely done except for the completely hidden face of course. I might have tried to shoot from over the book, with it just... (show more)

Neil Huggan This was a candid portrait taken at IMATS NYC 2017. With that in mind,... (show more)

Spencer Johnson Candid shot of my son hanging out with Santa Claus. I thought this was a... (show more)

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David Hill CROP/FRAMING: Not sure that there is a lot above this mark that 'adds to the image'. Experiment with the crop in post and try one that removes a lot of the... (show more)

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Anthony Ring It’s been rather cloudy and rainy here in Colorado… So we... (show more)

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Emily Fish I love this image!

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Viraj Nachankar Not a wedding shot to start with, but it was the closest primary tag.... (show more)