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Hannah Lyman The bride got ready in a dimly lit, cluttered upstairs loft normally... (show more)

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Alexandra Martinez I do not have any CC to help you grow but wanted to stop by anyway to tell you how much I like this shot. Feels like it's part of an article in a magazine.... (show more)

Crystal Youhana Thank you for any suggestions or advice appreciate your time.

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Damon Bates Agree with what's been said all I would add is perspective...the human eye naturally gravitates to what is the brightest and most in-focus element in an... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana Looking for anything that needs improvement open to all suggestions.... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Indeed, the trees are causing the natural light to turn a bit green, in this type of situation I try and add some light if I can.

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Gustavo Flores Let me have it! ;)

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Shriyan Gustavo please don't get discourage by some critiques. Keep taking pictures you will be able to see the improvement day by day. Having said that... (show more)

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Ryan Hall Some feed back will be much appreciated!

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Matt Koch To begin with there defiantly needs shading on the chin. Which can be done with some editing. And tone down the rest of the face. And maybe show  little... (show more)

Viviana Cardenas How can I improve this image by using the histogram. I found myself a... (show more)

Kim Williams Critiques on pose, lighting and composition. Image was shot in small... (show more)

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Kim Williams There was also this huge support pillar that went through the brides head.  I was able to cleanly remove it and I did think about maybe darkening the... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana This is my first “real” attempt at getting the professional... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Hi Crystal,No, in this situation it's not Nikon's "fault" that their skin tones have a green hue, that's just the bouncing of sunlight off grass and leaves... (show more)

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Keith Barrett What do you think of the composition and overall effect? Macro shot with... (show more)