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Joel Didier Perfect focal length. Would have used a 50 myself  too.  I feel like the flowers are  whats in focus and I want to see her face for this shot.... (show more)

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David Deman Hi! My first post son the critique page. What do you guys think about... (show more)

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Shivani Reddy There seems to be a green tint on his skin - I would bring up the pink tint in post to balance out the color. 

Sammy Coates We had no sun and had to work with dark clouds. Made it work with high ISO.

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Shivani Reddy

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Donald Fortune From a shoot a while ago so I could have some practice directing... (show more)

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Shivani Reddy At f/5.6 we see alot in focus that competes with the subjects we should be focused on. The use of layers in this image - the foreground element and the... (show more)

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