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Viviana Cardenas Using the Kodak Portra 800 + Rich Colors. I made a few adjustments to... (show more)

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Ryan Longnecker I'd warm it up by about 25% and give it a 2x3 crop wide with the bottom of the crop just being below their hands

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Crystal Youhana The first thing I noticed was that you are a bit off on your exposure as it seams to have little to no detail in the little girls hair where the sun is... (show more)

Rivkah Leah Gelb I love backlighting, but find it so hard to edit. I expose in between... (show more)

Spencer Johnson Headshots 101: 3.10 Directing Into the expression — I didn’t... (show more)

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Spencer Johnson Thanks again!

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james fentress backlit daylight portrait

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Matthew Saville Hi James,I think you've got a lot of potential for a beautiful portrait here, however the settings are causing quite a bit of blur that I think could have... (show more)

Tishawn Webb This image was shot on an overcast day on my porch, so the ISO was kinda... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Absolutely nailed it. Great expression, great focus, nice action in the shot, and impressive bokeh! Perfect skin tones, too, well-processed!

Tishawn Webb One shot focus with my 3 month old.

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Matthew Saville Nailed focus, well done! Keep shooting and try out various tricks for getting them to smile, haha. I know it's not easy! ;-)

Crystal Youhana General cc on this portrait. Thank you for your time :)

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Jackie King This is very very cute!! i would have used a different angle tho... Maybe make the heart more visible. That is just my opinion:)

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Tishawn Webb Image using spot metering. My youngest has darker skin so the camera... (show more)

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Guil Schotte I think your exposure is exactly right. Metering only gets you an approximation of 'average' exposure, as the sensor assumes that the point of metering is... (show more)

Latisha Willis His beard presented a challenge for me. Should I have used a wider crop?... (show more)

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Alexandra Martinez Hi Latisha, I think it is a very nice portrait. I would not be concerned about the jaw line as it is not visible anyway. I would consider an additional... (show more)