Shona Nystrom Just wanted some feedback on this image. Thank you in advance! :)

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Ryan Bouwkamp No critique needed! Fantastic image! If I were to change anything maybe I would change the random green faded leaf on the left but other then that, very well... (show more)

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Laurenz Razon How can i improve the pose of my subject?

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Kelvin Wong erm, r u experiencing handshake? I saw your aperture is a 7.1 but your picture seemed out of focus, esp the eyes, or was it meant to be this way?

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Kelvin Wong For professional qualification. Kindly advise on if any problems and... (show more)

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Rey Alamo I like this one , it's a clean image and the model looks nice, I like the brightness everywhere 

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Rey Alamo Enough lighting where you can see the Subject but at the same time have that Dramatic look, nice job, next time have just a subtle light hit him around the eyes

Melissa Soto Wondering on the tones on this image. Should I have converted it to... (show more)

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Pye Jirsa Tones look great - black and white is always a safe bet but in this shot you've got great warmth in the skin and cool tones in the window. 

Steve Martin Shooting on the Skykomish River in Washington. Posing and post

Mino Mora I know this is not the best exposure, in the moment I couldn’t... (show more)