Eric Deschamps Practicing OCF on location. Used clamshell lighting: beautydish above,... (show more)

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Donald Fortune Looks good there. I like how the focus is sharp on the eyes. The bokeh is really nice here and the smirk that she has going on is nice.  I just wonder... (show more)

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Tom Baracskai How can I improve on lighting? I used a gold reflector in this this... (show more)

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Noah-Seth Gabrielson Try creating some more depth with the shadows.  This image has next to no shadows and is very flat to me.  Skin color seems a little off as well.

Sammy Coates We had planned an outdoor area for photos but then it rained all day, So... (show more)

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Shivani Reddy I would crop in a bit tighter to match the left side. 

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