Anirudh Parthasarathy I love the shutter drag on a dance performance, but the sharpness can... (show more)

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Pye Jirsa If you are going for the overlap - I would have loved to see more connections between the family members. Right now you are almost there but the hands on... (show more)

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paul adeyemo Portrait of a bride shot in an hotel hallway…i’ll appreciate... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Beautiful and dramatic, is this a Nigerian wedding? Those are always tons of fun to photograph! I love the dramatic capture and processing, though I... (show more)

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Mohit Goyal Taken during sunrise. What could I have done to make this photo/editing... (show more)

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Mohit Goyal Thank you for your comments Shivani. I was actually capturing photos for a sunrise time-lapse and happened to get this photo by chance. This place does have... (show more)

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Chris Street Is the crop odd, or does it work?

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Shivani Reddy It is a bit of an odd crop. Plus you've added a huge angle tilt so we are left without a lot of story context. I would have loved to see a landscape... (show more)

findley watt Climber on the alpine ridges of Mt Rolleston

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Matthew Saville Definitely a surreal moment, and well-captured. I almost wish it was a touch brighter on the person's face, though, since they're looking towards the camera.

Shivani Reddy What can I improve upon here? This moment was captured on the fly and I... (show more)

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Shivani Reddy Haha, it's an okay shot, but I am my toughest critic 

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Emily Cariaga How can I still use a flash to light them, but make it look more natural?

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Matthew Saville I almost wish this had also been shot as a silhouette or at least a natural HDR; the use of flash doesn't seem to match the bright warm natural light feel of... (show more)

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