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Joel Didier Perfect focal length. Would have used a 50 myself  too.  I feel like the flowers are  whats in focus and I want to see her face for this shot.... (show more)

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Hamish Birt I like this image, it’s my first attempt with a dark / low key... (show more)

D S Looking for tips on editing the highlights in the stone face on the left... (show more)

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D S Thanks Dave! I believe it is actually scratches or water spots in my lens cover. Probably time for a replacement. Thanks for the input!

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Samantha Munoz I just got my first camera saturday and i have a beautiful model willing... (show more)

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Sheldon Joseph let in more light to highlight your subject

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Razvan Patrascu Great picture! You could shift it to the left a little bit to straighten the horizon. Also the guy looks like is caught with the eyes closed, not on purpose.... (show more)

D S Thoughts on the color and composition ? This was my first pano.

D S Any thoughts would be appreciated!