David Ehsan It was a sunny day in a nice park with an authentic Afghan Clothing. I... (show more)

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Mo Holster I feel like her bright splash of clothing is out of place in this quiet green setting.  Maybe find a background that would go with the outfit, like the... (show more)

Simona Kašparová Hi, I am a makeup artist with passion for a photography. Love shooting... (show more)

David Ehsan I would love to get your feedback. Thank you in advance.

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Matthew Saville I think that to accomplish Loop lighting here, the flash should have been higher and a bit more towards the centerline. Is this image created with an... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Super cool creative idea here, my only critique is that the light seems a bit too pin-point; it's creating a pretty distracting shadow outline of his head on... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Fantastic job on letting the ambient lights shine into the flash image here, however I wish the whole thing had been a stop or more brighter. The exposure on... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Considering the tough conditions, and the settings you used to get this shot, wow you nailed this assignment!  Solid balance of flash and ambient... (show more)

Jon-Eirik Boholm Pose, retouching?

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Matthew Saville Beautiful image and fantastic creativity! The pose and the retouching I think are great, I can tell that you're going for a feeling of beauty without loosing... (show more)

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Anirudh Parthasarathy I love the shutter drag on a dance performance, but the sharpness can... (show more)