Dillon Vance Does this send a compelling message? Ideas? Opinons?

Traci Maturo how is my focus, lighting, exposure.

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Traci Maturo Thanks. It's a new camera I haven't had it for a week yet so I am learning its limits in terms of image quality, I am upgrading from a D40x. I try to... (show more)

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Dillon Vance Curious to hear any and all opinions on this shot!

Rich Ryan Looking for any tips. I used two speed lights for this.

Shannon Woulfe Balancing ambient and flash of my in-laws at Thanksgiving.

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Shannon Woulfe Good tip. I may have been slightly higher with my key light to make sure I didn’t get a reflection in the glasses. It a delicate balance trying to get a... (show more)

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Lacy Mae Please help! Does anyone have tips/tricks on those darn transition... (show more)

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Lacy Mae Thank you so much for all of this feedback!!! So so helpful!

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Dace Kay For portrait assignment – Flash disc. When using flash I keep... (show more)

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Dace Kay Thanks! Yeah, the problem isn't there when I'm using a white reflector, but I'm trying to find ways to make the flash disc work.Will look for some cleansing... (show more)

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Ray Sawyer Shot last night from an engagement shoot. any CC welcome. 1st time... (show more)

Shannon Woulfe Heavily underexposed to get any color from the river and the trees in... (show more)