Michael Treviño Let me know what you think!

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Mo Holster This is a cute pic!  I do think the blurry object in the top right corner needs to go.  Maybe try to capture more motion in him opening his shirt... (show more)

Jim Taylor Shot this last year during an a electrical lightning storm, quite a bit... (show more)

David Ehsan It was a sunny day in a nice park with an authentic Afghan Clothing. I... (show more)

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Mo Holster I feel like her bright splash of clothing is out of place in this quiet green setting.  Maybe find a background that would go with the outfit, like the... (show more)

Simona Kašparová Hi, I am a makeup artist with passion for a photography. Love shooting... (show more)

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Mo Holster I tink the white line (window pane?) cutting through the middle is quite distracting, and breaks the picture up.  If you had found a window without that... (show more)

jared campbell General critique. Natural light, no reflector. No color grading, just... (show more)

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Matthew Saville For natural light, this is pretty beautifully lit, and the processing of the skin tones is solid!My main critique would be, her leaning pose and her fist... (show more)

Michelle Powers How can I improve on model placement, light or even the editing

Jeroen Savelkouls I’d like to get some critque on the posing and/or edit. Thanks!

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Jeroen Savelkouls Thanks! Your critique made me go back to my original raw-files in LR, but unfortunately I don't have any shots with her smiling more in the pose. I'll keep... (show more)

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