Nicholas de Roulhac Backlit portrait assignment, I don’t have a reflector yet so I had... (show more)

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David Hill I love to 'incorporate hand movement' into portraits which just adds a sense of candidness to the image so I like what you have done here. I often ask ladies... (show more)

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Spencer Johnson [Assignment: Histogram and Highlight Alert Practice] The angle of the... (show more)

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David Hill Looking for a 'photo within a photo'! My eye was instantly drawn to this rectangle area with the window/wood/shadow. I think that in it's own right looks... (show more)

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Traci Maturo How is my exposure? Any tips that could have improved this shot.

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Matthew Saville Hi Traci,I love the overall shot, exposure is great, I would just massage the shadows a bit more, they could stand to be a touch darker, maybe using a gentle... (show more)

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Tyson Perkins straight from camera for the sake of this assignment, any tips or... (show more)

Brian Thomas Any comments on this photo?

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Matthew Saville The tree here is also a bit distracting. I know that eliminating both of these foreground elements might make the whole image feel more 2-dimensional, but... (show more)

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Cosmin Serban General critique, anything you see wrong :)

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Dillon Vance I think the Watermark should be much less pronounced, how it is currently designed it becomes the focal point of the image and detracts from the photo, It... (show more)

Anthony Ring Sometimes you have to just catch sunset with a friend.

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Jamie Orndorff I love this photo! The mood, the drama, the's just lovely!