Генадий Ганчев Critique? Subject separation from the background isn’t so good? I... (show more)

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Christopher Lin as for the composition, maybe back up a little bit or use the rule of thirds composition?  There's not necessarily anything wrong with the "bullseye"... (show more)

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David Ehsan It was a sunny day in a nice park with an authentic Afghan Clothing. I... (show more)

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Mo Holster I feel like her bright splash of clothing is out of place in this quiet green setting.  Maybe find a background that would go with the outfit, like the... (show more)

Simona Kašparová Hi, I am a makeup artist with passion for a photography. Love shooting... (show more)

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Mo Holster I tink the white line (window pane?) cutting through the middle is quite distracting, and breaks the picture up.  If you had found a window without that... (show more)

David Ehsan I would love to get your feedback. Thank you in advance.

David Ehsan How could I have improved the lighting and composition in this photo?... (show more)

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Kyle Richardson You could potentially use a second-curtain flash with a grid and long focal length throw like 105MM to freeze the subject and still get the long exposure... (show more)

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ariel brown understanding exposure assignment

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Matthew Saville For the assignment of using spot metering, I'd say you nailed this shot. I do wish the light had been diffused with a little something, of course, like a... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Solid exposure, definitely great skin tones here! Did you spot meter off her face? Or?I like that you didn't over-compensate for the green background by... (show more)

ariel brown histogram and high alert assignment

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Matthew Saville Solid, clean shot, Ariel! I love the detail, and I like how both the rocks and the boat are on  the left, kinda as if they're both racing.Definitely... (show more)

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Matthew Saville My only critique is that, even though they're out of focus, it's a tad distracting that all of the people in the background here have their heads cut off.... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Considering the tough conditions, and the settings you used to get this shot, wow you nailed this assignment!  Solid balance of flash and ambient... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Definitely digging the random bits of blue everywhere, and the random bits of red. Nicely done!