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Matthew Saville Perfect on the metering and exposure, it looks like, for this assignment. Well done! I'm not sure the WB and processing suit the moment or the subject,... (show more)

Gareth Evans My drone images always lack POP! help?

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville Stunningly done, and with plenty of "pop" if you ask me! I loe the tonality, and unless you're trying to /AVOID/ the slightly filmic look to the processing,... (show more)

Tishawn Webb This image was shot on an overcast day on my porch, so the ISO was kinda... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville Absolutely nailed it. Great expression, great focus, nice action in the shot, and impressive bokeh! Perfect skin tones, too, well-processed!

Tishawn Webb One shot focus with my 3 month old.

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville Nailed focus, well done! Keep shooting and try out various tricks for getting them to smile, haha. I know it's not easy! ;-)

Tishawn Webb Recomposing assignment…The leaf in front of the in focus flower is... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville Nicely done, you nailed focus in a difficult situation!  To make the image better, I would suggest simply re-composing the shot so that the bit of green... (show more)

Tishawn Webb Difficult to get an image where the subject was sharp with a significant... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville Great job on nailing focus off-center for  this assignment! Looks tack sharp, even at f/2.8 and 70mm. The framing is again a little bit tight; having... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville I think the leading lines are great in this shot, however I feel that the angle and the framing of her shoulder make the composition seem a little bit too... (show more)

Gareth Evans Anyway I can decrease noise in this?

Top Critique

Guil Schotte I zoomed in as much as possible on the image, but I think the noise and artifacting (especially in the darker areas) is pretty hard to overcome.  You... (show more)

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Tishawn Webb Image using spot metering. My youngest has darker skin so the camera... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Guil Schotte I think your exposure is exactly right. Metering only gets you an approximation of 'average' exposure, as the sensor assumes that the point of metering is... (show more)