Kb Brar I can’t get posing right, all the training i see is American... (show more)

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richard kelly I like the picture overall.   I would have preferred a less cluttered background.  I dont know what the entire scene looks like, but it seems... (show more)

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Becky Hagen Could have I captured this at a different angle to give it more feeling?... (show more)

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Keoni Michael Aloha Becky! I love their expressions!  That feeling is there because of that but if you captured this further right that gorgeous highlight would be on... (show more)

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Viraj Nachankar This was shot with magnetmod MagGrid and 1/2 CTO Gel on Ad200 from above... (show more)

Katherine Russell Asking for general CC. This is my first stab at contemporary glamour... (show more)

Bryan MacDonald How can I improve this maternity portrait stand out more to give it that... (show more)