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Mallory Chapman I love that her eyes are the most color in this photo. I pulled back the yellows which was the wall and her bright hair. This lead to her eyes popping even... (show more)

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Giorgio Zamboni Hi friends, I’m back! I want to share with you this pictures. I... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Giorgio Zamboni I understand what you mean, thank you! Details can change the mood of the image :)

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Melanie Robison Just trying to get an over all feel if this is a good image – so... (show more)

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Melanie Robison I had two flashes - I dont believe there was three - not for this shot.  I see now where it does need to have a little more separation and would agree... (show more)

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Simon Sutcliffe I purposely pushed the skin here. Client liked the image but wondered... (show more)

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Simon Sutcliffe Thanks for the feedback Matthew, all taken on board and appreciated.  Background in this case was really nothing to see :-).  As a side note... (show more)

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Brandon Toma I’d love general CC on how I can improve this. It was my first... (show more)

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Brandon Toma Thank you for your advice. I now see what you are saying about their heads and tree. I will try to watch out for objects in the background. 

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Savio Barco Caught the groom taking a peep at the bride… a Candid shot…... (show more)

Robert Owens This submitted per my assignment to capture correct exposure using spot... (show more)