Shona Nystrom Just wanted some feedback on this image. Thank you in advance! :)

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Ryan Bouwkamp No critique needed! Fantastic image! If I were to change anything maybe I would change the random green faded leaf on the left but other then that, very well... (show more)

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Dalbir Virdee Any critique at all would be helpful. This image was taken on the... (show more)

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Pye Jirsa Bring the eyes down so the viewer can focus on the subject matter which in this case is the clothing and the accessories. . 

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Edwin Effendi Dear Pye, I know this one is still yet to be retouched… but this... (show more)

Melissa Soto Wondering on the tones on this image. Should I have converted it to... (show more)

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Pye Jirsa Tones look great - black and white is always a safe bet but in this shot you've got great warmth in the skin and cool tones in the window.