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Jackie King Really creative composition with the lighting, skin tone etc. Just a thought, the transition from the pinkish light to the regular is a bit stark, personally... (show more)

Samantha Hows the lighting? would I have been better adding backlight to separate... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville I like the lighting. There are some areas that fade into the background, which could have been accented by adding a hair light / kicker / backlight, however... (show more)

Rob Nelson This is from my first own studio shoot, I am just looking for general... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Matthew Saville Yeah, a lot of times if a model / client isn't used to wearing heavy eyelashes, it can cause their eyelids to droop just a fraction, they don't even realise... (show more)

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Abigail Fast Kicking myself about a few things over this shoot for my local rescue... (show more)

Adam Farron I wanted to go for a quiet somber shot with this. I’m incredibly... (show more)

Miguel Vega Open to anything. Thank you

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David Hill Post Production: Experiment with a B&W conversion with high contrast (suits masculine images). There is no colour in the image such as bright clothing so... (show more)

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