Ed Alexander My first wedding and first time using off camera flash. Bare bulb... (show more)

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Mo Holster I feel like the flash could have been toned down a little to avoid such harsh lighting.  Also, I think a different scene would improve the shot since... (show more)

Ed Alexander Luck lucky shot, settings were wrong but took 6 quick shots then she ran... (show more)

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Mo Holster I like this pic, and I realize that you had to be at this angle to get the light and her face, but the background is a bit distracting.  The person and... (show more)

Justin Brockman Any advice for walking shots like this? I know this is serviceable but... (show more)

Karam Aulakh Hi want to know about composition used one light title overcast day... (show more)

Raymond Wong Any ideas on improving this image to make it stronger. I know the hat is... (show more)

Cj Bryant Lets hear your thoughts :)

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Christopher Lin nice colors .. solid pose .. i really enjoy this image.

Emily Christine Would love critique on this, she is not a model, just a child from a... (show more)

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Christopher Lin adorable picture .. really cool post production .. great job making her eyes the center of attention.

Jean-Philippe Labrie Posing, compostion

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Christopher Lin her weight seems equally distributed here.  We want to have unequal distribution to give her more form.  If you're a premium member, this video... (show more)

Sammy Coates Working with teenagers is sometime’s tricky for posing as you... (show more)

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Christopher Lin i would try to avoid my female subjects with equal weight distribution on both legs (i.e. locked knees)

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