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Shivani Reddy I would bring the light higher so that you avoid hitting these chairs and casting these shadows. Using a grid here to control the light would have also... (show more)

David Gould Had the chance to play with a 400mm prime

David Gould Very little editing more about the light for live critique

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Shivani Reddy I would love if the highlight were more apparent on the baby instead of the dad's face. Typically you can flag the light so that it is more directed toward... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Shivani Reddy Great lens choice for portraits! I would dodge just a little bit more into her right eye. The highlight in her left eye is brighter than her right so I would... (show more)

Manos Tsirantonakis I would like a general critique about one of my most beloved food shots.... (show more)

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Shivani Reddy This isn't adding much to the frame - I love how you have certain items extended to the edge but it doesn't seem necessary to have this in frame. I would... (show more)

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Marcos Enrique Ruiz Rivero II room for improvement.

Top Critique

Matthew Saville Hi Marcos,You are correct, a lighting 301 or 401 course has not been produced yet, since it is extremely advanced and specialized stuff. We're still... (show more)

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Spencer Johnson Lightroom 101: Chapter 3 – Assignment 1: Filmic Look —I tweaked... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Love the look you achieved! I also love to hear when photographers make subtle tweaks to presets to better suit their personal style. That's what creativity... (show more)

Alan Blakeley How could I have generally just improved this shot. What would others... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Nicely done on the assignment, Alan! Your shutter speed was fast enough that even the spokes on the wheels are nearly perfectly frozen. Not bad! I hope to... (show more)