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Giorgio Zamboni Started from a simple idea to focus the image on the shadows of the... (show more)

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Giorgio Zamboni the lights it too hot on the couple, and I understand that if I want this style of pictures I have remove them from the frame. In this picture.  I took... (show more)

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Brian Coughlin How can I improve? I realized afterwards I probably should have shot... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Overall, I'm loving the good quality of light, it seems soft on most of her face aside from the harder shadow under her chin. Not sure if this was direct... (show more)

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Brian Coughlin Tried taking candid shots of Easter egg dying. What are your thoughts,... (show more)

Ben Cunningham I found it really difficult to compromise between having the shot too... (show more)

Ben Cunningham without any specific subject does this photo still look ok? I have... (show more)

Nigel Harvey Hi, just looking for an open objective opinion on how people see my... (show more)

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Nigel Harvey Hi, thank you for the review. I can see exactly what you mean at will take it on board. Thank you for taking the time to critique my photo 😁

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Wendy Cain Can anyone help me with why back two kids are soft focus when I used... (show more)

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Wendy Cain Alexandra!  You are absolutely right, thank you!  I knew this too and didn't realise it, will definitely not make that mistake again, duh. ... (show more)

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