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Steve Martin overall critique. Posing, lighting, post

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Matthew Saville Because of the shadow on her nose, and the catchlight, it almost looks like the brightest light source was not from eye level or above, but actually from... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana Awesome job with expression! I think that without moving foot position you could have had him switch arms and then had her swap to the other direction in the... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana General cc on this portrait thank you for your time.

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Matthew Saville Hi Crystal! Great pose, great expressions, fantastic lighting and overall tones, but I can't get past the glow-y effect unfortunately. I'm sure it's great... (show more)

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Haiser Eskandaryan I’m using the MagBeam for this shot…any tips and ideas on... (show more)

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Matthew Saville I love the overall pose on this one, great arms and elbows and overall shapae of her pose! The vintage processing doesn't feel like it matches the use of... (show more)

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Haiser Eskandaryan Tips on composition? Lighting? Post-Processing? Appreciated!!

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Haiser Eskandaryan The challenge was moving around in the water and on the rocks! That definitely did not ease the shoot. I see what you mean though and I'll keep that in mind... (show more)

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Tomas Alvarez Compre Iveco Daily en Buenos Aires en Navicam, los distribuidores... (show more)

Sagarneel Biswas Over all picture, technical and content, what could have done better.... (show more)

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Rich Orange I like the lighting on this one. Each subject is lit well, the male with the more dramatic lighting and the female with more of a beauty lighting.But i feel... (show more)