Memorial Day Sale | Save $75 Off Premium & 30% Off the Entire Store!

Freebies and Fun Lighting Week | Profoto A1 Giveaway ($1,990 Value!)
By SLR Lounge Official on May 25, 2018
Our Lighting Week giveaway is finally here! Take your lighting game to the...
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Inspiration Portrait Challenge | 4 Photographers Style Showcase
By Wendell Weithers on May 26, 2018
Photography challenges are an interesting trend online that demonstrate how every...
News & Insight How To Get The Best Prints At Home Or From The Lab
By Holly Roa on May 26, 2018
DIY printing can be a frustrating endeavor, but when your final print shows every...
Gear & Apps Pricing Announced For Sigma 105mm f/1.4 ART | The ‘Bokeh Master’ is $600 Less Than Nikon’s
By Kishore Sawh on May 26, 2018
4 years ago when the original A7 was released there was much criticism about the Sony...
Freebies and Fun 2018 Memorial Day Sale | $75 Off Premium and 30% Off Entire Store
By SLR Lounge Official on May 25, 2018
Memorial Day is almost here! Our Memorial Day celebrations are starting early this year...
Workshop Unscripted | Photo Shoot BTS Season 2: Off-Camera Flash + Water Fountain | Lighting Week
By Pye Jirsa on May 25, 2018
When settling into a new location, such as the water fountain near the Walt Disney...
News & Insight How To Photograph Beautiful Skin With The Right Light Set Up
By Kishore Sawh on May 25, 2018
Getting that gorgeous skin starts with the lighting, and not with Photoshop.
Inspiration How To Use Shadows To Shape The Face & Avoid A Flat Portrait
By Wendell Weithers on May 24, 2018
How to avoid a flat portrait
Gear & Apps Gear Announcement | Fujifilm X-T100 Has an OLED EVF, 4K, & Phase-Detect AF
By Holly Roa on May 23, 2018
Fujifilm is filling a gap in their line-up.
Workshop Wedding Workshop Eight | Photographing The Reception: Toasts and Speeches | Goals and Must-Haves
By Pye Jirsa on May 23, 2018
As mentioned in the previous chapter, the goals and must-have images for photographing...
Gear & Apps Broncolor Siros L 800ws Review | A Class Leader
By Brittany Smith on May 23, 2018
As the popularity of everything wireless continues, it comes as no surprise that this...